Absolutely no pain, no bleeding, and no swelling
There is no downtime and you are ready to flaunt a new you!

Since 1994, Allure Beauty has transformed over thousands of brows  worldwide. Personally being trained & approved by Managing Director & Founder of Allure Beauty, Angela Tnee.

Allure Brow Experts will shape & design a pair of brows to suit your
face shape & features, bringing out your natural beauty effortlessly
through our Golden Ratio.

Expect natural looking, well defined brows that look just like your own
but only better!

Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery

Price: From SGD 1477 and above

The Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery incorporates Angela’s artistry with years of established professional training and now performed by professional qualified therapists at Allure Beauty, combining with nano-technology; the result is a perfect eyebrow arch with natural-looking strokes that give you the instant groomed and enhanced look.

Creative Eyebrow Embroidery

Price: From SGD 642 and above

A precise technique of brow embroidery where your individual brows strands are designed according to its natural position to achieve the most natural look and feel.

Lips Enhancement

Price: From SGD 1477 and above (Prices may not be constant, depending on the types of lip shape, etc.)

Every lip is different. Allure Beauty’s lips enhancement customizes according to your desirable lip colours, designs and shapes. Uneven, discoloured lip, too pale or too dark due to various reasons, we are here to revamp your pout, making your lips look supple and irresistible.

Eyeliner Embroidery

Price: From $428 and above

Allure Beauty’s eyeliner embroidery gives you natural, fuller, bigger and brighter eyes. Say goodbye to smudges and the daily hassle of applying eyeliner!

Angelic Eyebrow Embroidery

Price: From SGD 2461 and above

Allure Beauty latest eyebrow embroidery technique – the Angelic Eyebrow Embroidery uses soft and feather-light strokes that give you a confident and natural look. Touted to be similar to as a DESIGNER Eyebrow. Everyone is unique, your eyebrows are embroidered to bring out the style in you.

Men's Eyebrow Embroidery

M21 Price: From SGD 1477 and above

Eyebrow embroidery is no longer a woman’s thing. It’s time for the men to groom themselves at Allure Beauty. Men’s eyebrows will be shaped according to the Golden Ratio, resulting you to look more youthful, charming and confident.

Eyelash Extension

Price: From SGD 108 and above

Extend your real lashes with Wonder Lash; a life-like, natural curl lash from Korea. Gives your eyes a revamped look instantly. No more hassles on putting up falsies!

Basic Eyebrow Embroidery

Price: From SGD 212 and above

A basic eyebrow embroidery to fill and shape up the eyebrows with a natural brow colour.