Laboratorios ATACHE has developed the prestigious and innovative BE SUN which provides advanced solutions in photoprotection. Endorsed by a careful selection of high-technology active ingredients, BE SUN obtains the excellence of an anti-ageing treatment, ensuring an effective defence barrier against UVA, UVB and IR radiations.

This range of sunscreens for the 365 days of the year is based on the premise to ensure the skin health.

Sublime textures of fast absorption, which meet the needs of every type of skin, and pleasant and fresh perfumes which make BE SUN an exceptional sun treatment.


BE SUN photoprotection system includes the FILM SYSTEM technology in its new generation formula.

A film-forming booster that, when in contact with the skin, creates a transparent film acting as a barrier.

Breathable and enhances the action and permanence of sunscreens and active ingredients present in the line BE SUN.


EXTRACT OF CORALLINE SEAWEED: Acts as a protector against UV/IR radiations. Provided with the protection action of cell membranes (prevention of lipid peroxidation), keranocytes, Langerhans cells (immune system) and DNA against the negative action of solar radiations.

EXTRACT OF ALARIA ESCULENTA SEAWEED: Helps recover the cell energy potential, allowing for better operation of the protection systems. Acts on the Progerin (accelerated ageing protein), bringing firmness, luminosity and hydration to the skin.

EXTRACT OF LAMINARIA SEAWEED: Acts correcting wrinkles and moisturising the skin. Works as free anti-radicals, protects the Collagen fibres and acts on the enzymes which are responsible for the skin ageing. Reduces intensity of inflammatory processes resulting from solar exposure.

VITAMIN E: Contributes to preserving oxidation of cell membranes, slowing the destruction and offering a powerful anti-ageing and anti-radicals effect. Favours the prevention of skin aging and the consequent formation of future wrinkles.